CrossPoint Growth Groups are groups of 8-14 people that meet once a week for around 90 minutes to grow in their faith, build friendships, and have fun. Groups that meet throughout the week and focus on various studies. Whether you're single, married, new believer, or long-time follower of Jesus we've got a group for you! If you have kids, we don't want the cost of childcare to keep you from Growth Group. We want to help pay for your childcare! Fill out a reimbursement form.

Our next Growth Group session will begin the week of April 8, 2019

Growth Group Resources

  • Subscribe to the audio podcast of the Sunday message on SoundCloud. The podcast will be available each Sunday by 12:30 pm.

  • Are you a Growth Group Leader?

    Click here to visit the leader zone and  download helpful resources.

  • Download the weekly discussion guide for your growth group

Growth Group FAQ's


How often will my Growth Group meet?

Your Growth Group will meet once a week for around 90 minutes for 10 weeks.  We're not asking for a long-term commitment.  But don't be surprised if you try it and can't wait for the next groups session to begin once yours has finished!

 What will my Growth Group study?

 The Growth Groups study a variety of books and topics that are intended to help you grow in your faith and in your understanding of the Bible. Each group leader selects the book that they would like to study during the group term.  The exception to this general format is each fall. We will typically have most growth groups  do the same study. 

What will the people be like at my Growth Group?

Your growth group is going to be filled with people much like you, people with struggles and doubts but also with a desire to know God and follow Jesus. The goal is to be honest with one another about where we are at and then to encourage one another to follow Jesus.

When do I sign up for a Growth Group?

January: for Winter Session

April: for Spring Session

September: for Fall Session

How do I sign up for a Growth Group?

Online using the link on this page or on Sundays through your connection card or at the info desk when Growth Group sign ups are open. Once you sign up, your group leader will contact you any pertinent details about the group and study that you need to know.


Email Pastor Matt at or call      320-587-2668, ext. 7

How can I be sure that I’m going to get a Growth Group that is right for me?

We can’t make an absolute guarantee that you’ll get into the perfect group for you but we’ve tried to tip the odds very high into your favor. You can choose a group based on location, affinity, time, and study. If you find your group isn't a great fit, your commitment is only for a short period of time. You'll have the opportunity to join a different group at the next session. We encourage you to not give up on groups if you have a less than amazing experience. Being involved in a small group of people following or investigating Jesus is a proven and effective way to build relationships that God uses for good in your life and for experiencing spirtual growth. 

Who will lead my Growth Group?

Your Growth Group leader is a regular person just like you that attends and serves at CrossPoint. Many of our group leaders are former group members who love helping people like you get connected into a great group! 

Does joining a Growth Group cost anything?

There is no cost to join a group. Most groups do have a book that you will want to purchase in order to fully participate in the group. Once you join a group your group leader will contact you with more information.

Is there childcare available if I have kids?

We do offer inexpensive childcare for the Tuesday morning women's Growth Groups at CrossPoint. For all other groups we help parents by offering reimbursement for childcare costs. That's right, if you can't afford childcare we'll cover that cost so that you can participate in a growth group! Simply fill out this form and turn it into the church office. There are groups that share childcare at the home of the group or nearby. Ask your growth group leader if this will be an option for your group if you have kids.