CPYouth exists to support and encourage students-to create a safe place to ask

questions about life and to help navigate our culture with Biblical wisdom.


Middle School  6:30p - 8:15p     /      High School  7:00p - 9:00p

Every Wednesday night students (6th - 12th grade) from Hutchinson and the surrounding area  get together for a dynamic teaching time that teaches God’s truth so that students know how to deal with important stuff like friends, parents, and school. Students will experience great music, a place to explore a relationship with God, relatable messages, games, relationships with

each other, and leaders that care.

District Blitz 2018

April 27-29


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CPYOUTH growth groups

High School (9th-12th grade) 

Meets Sundays at 9:00a at CP in the Heritage Room

Bring your questions because this isn't a generic lecture style group. We're going to challenge ourselves and grow as a result.

Middle School (6th-12th grade)

Meets Sundays at 9:00a at CP in the Youth Office

This engaging group will help you understand your world with opportunities to not just discuss, but to experience what your learning about yourself and Jesus.