experience crosspoint


No matter where you are in life, there is a place for you. 

Contact us with any question.

  • growth groups

    Becoming all that God wants you to be is not a solo challenge but a team adventure. Find your team in a group.

  • CPKiDS

    CPKids is an engaging and safe environment for kids to learn about how valued and loved they are by their creator. 

  • CPYouth

    CPYouth is a safe place to ask to questions about life and get Biblical wisdom to help  navigate your world.

  • Prayer

    We're here to support you in prayer. Send your prayer request to our staff and elders or ask for it to be sent to our church-wide Prayer Team. 

  • need to talk

    Are you going through a difficult time -don't know where to turn and need to talk to someone? We're here for you.  Contact us to meet with one of Pastor's. Call us at 320-587-2668 or send us an email.