Growth Group Resources

This fall most of the growth groups at CrossPoint are studying and discussing the themes found in the message each week at CrossPoint. You can find the weekly discussion guides and listen to podcasts of the messages here. Message podcasts will be posted by 12:30 pm every Sunday. 

  • September 16-22, 2018 | THRIVE: Join The Conversation

    How much you value listening and responding to the God either provides the right environment for you to thrive with the fruit of God’s Spirit growing abundantly in you or suppresses the good work God desires to doing in you. Are listening and receptive to God?

    Listen to the audio podcast of the Sept 16 message: JOIN THE CONVERSATION by Pastor Rick Stapleton

  • September 23-29, 2018 | THRIVE: Training vs. Trying

    Jesus invites us into a different kind of relationship with God. Instead of trying to earn our spot with God, we are given a right standing with God as a gift when we put our faith in Jesus. This then frees us to spend our energy on enjoying God and allowing him to change us from the inside out.

    Listen to the audio podcast of the Sept 23 message: TRAINING VS. TRYING by Pastor Rick Stapleton


  • September 30-October 6, 2018 | THRIVE: Only One

    In our search for fulfillment we give god-like weight to many things in our lives. We think we know what we need; but even when we get it, we still feel dissatisfied and disillussioned with life. Into this confusion God speaks. His answer to us thriving has to do with what we worship. The truth is that His  presence and approval are all we need for lasting joy.


    Listen to the audio podcast of the Sept 30 message: ONLY ONE by Pastor Rick Stapleton