Life should not be this complicated!

The new message series,  “Life Hacks,” reveals simple biblical solutions for the messy challenges in marriage, parenting, finances and more. Join us for some great times together as we grow through “Life Hacks.”

Here's the Plan

April 8  Want to Simplify Your Life 

Reduce stress through one simple principle and see your life come back together again; how one central theme can organize your life.

April 15 My “Whatever” Job – whatever you do, work as for the Lord and not for men

April 22  How Not to Sabotage Your Own Life – one simple life hack that will help you avoid major issues in your life.

April 29  The Ultimate Marriage Hack – find the kind of love that builds a great marriage

May 6  Before You Say, “I Don’t” – three powerful questions that can turn your marriage around

May 13  Parenting Hacks

May 20  How to Hack Your Finances