Parenting is hard work and it didn't come with a manual. We want to help.

We've invited three mental health professionals with lots of experience working with families to speak on  parenting issues you're facing. 

Mary Anderson, Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist at SteppingStone Therapeutic  in Hutchinson

Brett Cushing, Psychotherapist at Nystrom & Associates in Eden Prairie

Kayla Larkin, Licensed Professional  Counselor at Lighthouse Counseling in Hutchinson

They will be addressing the topics of effective  discipline, how to help your child process their emotions in healthy ways, and how to help your child grow in responsibility. At the end there will a panel discussion time to address your parenting questions. 

Sunday, October 6 / 12:00 -2:15 pm / CrossPoint Church

Registration is $10/person

A pizza and salad lunch is included

Onsite childcare is offered for $5/child or $10/family



    Mary is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and President at Stepping Stone Therapeutic in Hutchinson.

    Mary has 35 years of experience and specializes in working with children and their families in the areas of social and emotional development.

  • Brett Cushing

    Brett is Psychotherapist at Nystrom & Associates in Eden Prairie.  His clinical include working with children, teens and adults in the areas of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, abuse, addictions, family and couples issues, ADHD, Autism, and anger management.

  • Kayla Larkin

    Kayla is a licensed Professional Counselor at Lighthouse Counseling in Hutchinson.  Kayla has experience working with children, families, and individuals with special needs.