FEBRUARY 1 - 2, 2019

You have to fight for what is truly valuable in this life and only the fool fights alone. 

You need like-minded, courageous men at your side. You need a band of brothers. 

During this conference, Vince Miller will take us into the life of David in the Bible. David was the epitome of classic manliness. He killed a lion with his bare hands. He ran into a death match against a 9-foot tower of muscle and arrogance armed only with his confidence in God and a sling. He led thousands of men into battle and came out victorious again and again. What made David such an exceptional man? His greatness is traced back to His relationship with God and a best friend. Come and consider how God places a call on your life and men in your life so that you will live a life filled with exploits of greatness too. 


$20 for one or $30 for two

(order 1 ticket for yourself and bring a friend with the other!)

Friday  6:00 - 9:00 pm  (dinner included)

Saturday 8:00 am - 11:45 am (breakfast included)


Vince Miller, Founder of Resolute

Vince has been serving in notable ministry organizations for over 25 years (Young Life, InterVarsity, TCU Football, and Eagle Brook Church). He is the founder of Resolute, a non-profit organization focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship; and has written 13 books and handbooks, along with creating small group videos to accompany many of those resources. He also produces a men's daily devo and the MAN TALK PODCAST. Vince speaks to hundreds of men across the country every year, engaging them with inspiring personal stories, powerful Bible teaching, and clear challenges.